What do we do?

SocialErasmus project gives international students not only the opportunity to get to know a whole new culture but it also enables YOU as an exchange student to do something for others!

Do you enjoy volunteering in your home country? We are giving you the chance to enjoy it abroad as well!

With us you will be able to join multicultural information meetings in kindergardens, primary and secondary schools, as well as ecological and cultural events (such as Erasmus Forest) and charity actions (International Santa Claus). All the projects are tutored by international students.The project acts in the name of idea of enriching the society through international students.


2008 was a year of celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Erasmus Program in Poland under the motto of the New Era of Erasmus. These celebrations enabled to sum up the Erasmus related activities and of course formulate plans for the future. The motto of the New Era of Erasmus was not coined by accident. Having entered a new decade, a new dimension of the programmy has been initiated, namely its major project called Social Erasmus, which was established by Justyna Adamiec and Magdalena Pawelczyk. As the project has appeared to be a big success in Poland, it was introduced to an international level and voted during CNR Warsaw 2010 an International Erasmus Student Network project.


The aim of this project is to complete the stay abroad with the original values of the Erasmus Program. During your exchange, you are supposed to be given an opportunity to get to know new cultures and education systems as well as to make new unforgetable friendships, nevertheless it should also be a kind of inspiration for your future life. Moreover, SocialErasmus project enables you to experience something new, as a consequence Erasmus program participants will get a new perspective, which would be beyond their cognitive abilities, if they did not take part in the Erasmus program. Taking into consideration above factors, the main slogan of the project is: "Reach higher! Go further! Go Social!"

Don't hesitate to join us and live the best time of your life with us!

In our section we are organasing:

  • Erasmus in Schools

This project in the best opportunity for Erasmus students to present their local culture and national language in Warsaw high schools, gymnasium and primary schools. During European Lessons pupils can check some stereotypes and get to know traditions of each European country. But our lessons are not just ordinary lessons. Each European lesson brings positive memories and a lot of fun for all participants of it - both of pupils and Erasmus students. 

  • Erasmus Hall

Most of the hospitals are  not good places for children to stay for a long time. Without parents and their favourite toys it's hard to fight various diseases. The programme Erasmus Hall is created to change the sad walls of the hospital rooms. 

Our aim is to make hospitals more children-friendly, so that their fight to get better could be easier and more pleasant. We do it by painting the corridors or collecting toys and books, that later are donated to hospitals and hospices. 

  • Erasmus Forest 

The aim of this project is to improve the quality of our environment by planting trees. With this project, we will give you the chance to combine usefulness with pleasure - meeting new friends with rewarding work.

...and many other social events :) 

Any questions? social.pw@esn.pl

Page link: www.socialerasmus.esn.org

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