So we got back from the integration trip to Olsztynek of ESN PW!

As tiring as it was to constantly party by night and still having to go to the lectures during the day – everybody remained in good mood. Our extremely competent, and still fun tutors have spoken about such subjects as projects' and time management, group relations and creativity. We also have learned how to use photoshop or organize a trip. All that, so we could use this knowledge to improve our skills and turn exchange students' stay in Poland into one amazing, unforgetable experience.

Some of us also just began a journey with ESN PW – I'm talking about fresh members of section. There was 'baptism of fire' provided for rookies which involved blindfolds tying us together and various tasks such as speed balloons blowing, painting ESN's logo, bow and arrow shooting and many more. It took us all a little while to return to reality but we are back – with plenty of new ideas, willing to work. A lot of projects behind us but even more – ahead!

We hope to see you all on our next events. Follow us on facebook and – enjoy your life!

Sandra - our newbie:-)