This concept includes experiencing positive emotions by people, low levels of harmful moods as well as a high level of life satisfaction. It is derived from positive psychology, which as part of the discipline of psychology focuses on the issue related to the human qualities and the possibility of their improvement. The sense of well-being is directly related to the concept of optimism, which is an important personal resource that affects health, well-being, and life successes.

This motif includes concepts such as sports activities, healthy eating, high level of knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. In other words - everything that affects our well-being in a positive way.

Sports activities and a proper diet are extremely important for international students. By changing their place of residence they are often forced to completely change their eating habits, the new country does not offer the products known to them, and the life between the university and the travels is not conducive to the regeneration of strength or improve the condition. This is not all, in the case of Poland in most large cities there is a lot of air pollution.

Balance, between private life and ESN is another problem. H & W's activities are aimed not only at removing the negative effects of work in the organization or student exchanges, but above all educating ourselves about potential threats. By increasing our knowledge in the subject of H & W, we automatically come up with ingenious ideas for implementing this cause in the life of the section, and finally in our lives.

Projects and programs implemented as part of Health & Well-being: