Attention! Completly new project. Don't miss it! 

ESN Warsaw presents: 

After the whole semester of party madness, it's time to regenerate before the holidays. 

How many times have you said, I don't have time for a healthy meal? 
How many times have you said, I don't have time for sports?

We prove you that you don't need much to lead a healthy lifestyle. 
Just try it!

Are you ready? 
Let's start! :) 
You can already plan with us your healthy week! 

* * * * Monday - 2.06 * * * *


Do you like sports? Looking for new ideas how to spend your free time?

Time for a climbing wall.
You can get peaks, just wear comfortable shoes. 

Check the last edition:

PRICE: 12 pln 
MEETING POINT: 2.50 PM, in front of the main station Metro Centrum 

* * * * Tuesday - 3.06 * * * *


Another popular diet without effects? 
Find out what really works!  
Dietetics student will show you nutrition tips that help you to improve your health and vitality. 

Don't wait,  loose excess weight before the holidays!

MEETIN POINT: 4.45 PM in front of the main building of the SGGW (Nowoursynowska 166 Street)

* * * * Wednesday - 4.06 * * * *


Sounds intresting, isn't? :)
Do you want to know more? 
Be patient! More info soon!

* * * * Thursday - 5.06 * * * *


This is something new!
Try something completely extreme and feel the wind in your hair :) 
We found for you the Alpine Coaster- 715 meters of high-speed madness on the Szczęśliwice slope!

MORE, MORE, MORE … try water slides on pontoons. 
We guarantee you a great fun! 

PRICE: 4 pln for one slide
MEETING POINT: 4 PM in front of the main station Metro Centrum

* * * * Friday - 6.06 * * * *

GO 4 FREE LIFE! - a city game. 

You can tell, everything is for the people ... But if you can play without alkohol? 
Sounds to seriously? Don't worry, come, play and get to know a knowledge about stimulants. 
Be aware, have fun safely! :)

Attention! You can win free ticekts for the warsaw farewell party. Don't miss the chance!  

MEETING POINT: more info soon

* * * * Saturday - 7.06 * * * *


Do you like basketball? 
No, do you love basketball? 
Do you love challenge? 

We have something for you! 
ESN PW organize streetball tournament. Come out and play. 
You can choose to play in 3x3 tournament, free throw tournament, H-O-R-S-E …..or basically win them all!

Basketball freaks, don't miss the chance to show, who is the best! 

 If you don't want to play come and cheer your friends, there would be many atractions. 
MORE INFO: ( tu wklei się link do oddzielnego eventu)

WHEN:  from 12 AM to 5 PM
WHERE: basketball court on the Wawelska 3 Street

See you on the court! 

* * * * Sunday - 8.08 * * * *


After a whole week of healthy energy, it's time for Sunday chill in the Powsin park. 

Imagine … nature, , fireplace ...and you  holding a beer in your hand. 
All of this in a good company! :) 

You don't have enough sport?
Don't worry, we will prepare some games so you won't be bored for sure. :) 

MEETING POINT:  3.00 PM, 5.00 PM, 7.00 PM on the platform in the Metro Kabaty station. 
Choose time that the best  suits you. 


Take part in the every event and feel a healthy spirit! 

Rich higher! Go futher! Go social! 
More information- ask Kasia 
or send an e-mail:

02/06/2014 to 08/06/2014
  • Everyone is invited.