WHAT: Intensive Polish Course with ESN PW
WHEN: 17-27.09.2018
PRICE: FREE! The only cost is a course book - 30 PLN
HOW TO JOIN: Just fill in the form -> https://bit.ly/2Nj0GxE

So you’re going to be in Warsaw in two months… How does it feel like? Are you excited about great adventure coming on (it will be great, trust us!) and meeting wonderful people or are you rather scared about a new place, culture, language?

In both cases - we have a perfect solution for you!

Intensive Polish Course (together with ★ Early Birds ★ Orientation Week with ESN PW - be sure to check this one out!) on the second half of September 2018.

It’s a perfect chance to make new friendships before start of regular classes, get to know more about Warsaw and how it is to live here and, of course, learn a language instantly!

The course will be organized on the weekdays (Monday-Friday) between 17-27.09.2018 in the morning or in the midday hours in Warsaw University of Technology buildings. Each group will have 30 hours (30x45 min) of lessons. The detailed schedule will be sent to participants in September.
The course is ONLY for Erasmus+ exchange students, who are going to study in Warsaw University of Technology. It is free except one necessary charge – 30 PLN for the course book. Courses will be run by qualified teachers from Foreign Language Centre.

To sign up please fill in the form:

Remember, the number of spots is limited!
Filling the form does not guarantee you the place, all the information like acceptance and how to pay for the course book will be sent later by e-mail.

In case of any doubts, don't hesitate and contact
Natalia Horak or Agnieszka Zagórna or send us a message at: polishcourse.pw@esn.pl

17/09/2018 - 12:00 to 27/09/2018 - 18:00