The big responsibility rests on your shoulders. The next 10 seconds are crucial. Your heart is beating quickly, blood is running wildly through your veins. Closing your eyes you’re taking 3 deep breaths. 1. calm down... 2. focus... 3. concentrate. You are ready. There’s just you and the ball. No one else. You’re choosing the spot and aiming to perform the best shot of your life. Achieving the right momentum you’re curving the ball to get a proper rotation. The time slows down as the goalkeeper jumps. At first there is silence... You look with disbelief at what has happened... <crowd cheering> Someone pats you on your shoulder, passes you cold beer and cries “You did it! You really did it!” Looking at the scoreboard, you’re finally smiling, relaxing on the couch. Leaving your gamepad on the table and taking a sip you’re thinking: “I’m a champion”.

UEFA Championships League is behind us, but we know you’re craving for more football experiences! 
ESN PW and Padbar invite you to an epic FIFA14 tournament on Xbox! Defeat your opponents, feel the spirit of rivalry and win awesome prizes!

The rules:
- 1 vs 1
- one half - 4 minutes
- every team to choose (except „Classic XI”)
- cup system

Prizes: gadgets from games, prizes by the bar
DATE: 28.05.2014 19:00, 
PLACE: Padbar (ul. Marszałkowska 115)
See you on the virtual pitch!

28/05/2014 - 19:00
Padbar (Marszałkowska 115)
  • Everyone is invited.