ESN PW would like to proudly present you our project - ESNband.

Come and join us at the meeting point, in front of WUT Main Building at 6 PM, Monday, 23 October for organizational meeting, hear few words about the project, ask as many questions as you have, and hopefully join us for some integration with beer.

Short FAQ:

➡️So what exactly is ESNband?
It's a long-term project, consisting of jam sessions (or more organized playing too), organizing a concert (with you as musicians of course!) and even helping others to start their journey with music.
Basically, we are going to meet, play together, prepare nice concert and have fun

➡️What should I expect from this meeting?
It will be really short, I promise, just a few words about the project, answering all of your questions and integration of course

➡️Should I know how to play any instrument or how to sing?
Yes, project is aimed for musicians; however we do not expect you to be any kind of virtuoso. Main goal is to have fun with music, so don't worry about your skills too much.

➡️Do I need to own instrument to take part?
It would be great if you have your own instrument if you play guitar/bass/any other small personal instrument. We will be playing in places that have guitar/bass amplifiers, drum sets, microphones and keyboards.

➡️I can't come for a meeting but I want to take part in this project. What should I do?
Not a problem at all.

For any questions you can contact the coordinator directly -> Piotrek Magdziak

Join our group Facebook group ->

23/10/2017 - 18:00 to 19:30
Erasmus Student Network Politechnika Warszawska (ESN PW / WUT)
ul. Waryńskiego 12, room A104
00-631 Warsaw