ESNcard is a membership card of Erasmus Student Network for ESN members, international exchange students and Buddies. It offers not only great discounts for young people across Europe, but also gives them an access to information, culture, education, careers, mobility and fun.

In only two years ESN issued 50,000 ESNcards across Europe. Your ESNcard will bring you many benefits like discounts in cinemas, pubs, clubs, restaurants, fitness clubs, taxi services and of course parties and events organised by ESN. Companies which take part in the project are carefully chosen so as the services provided by them. We make sure they are needed and helpful to students.

The ESNcard can only be obtained online. If you are currently on exchange or you are an active member of ESN section or ESNbuddy you can get one at!
Worth remembering is that you can use your ESNcard and expect discounts not only in Warsaw but also in other Polish and European cities while travelling.

Here you can find out more about the project and check the discounts all around Europe:

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