Currently, there are 31 local ESN sections in Poland. Every year their volunteers help about 11000 foreign students coming to our country.


The history of ESN in Poland began in May, 1994. The very 1st local section (ESN Warsaw) was created at the Warsaw School of Economics. Apart from that, our country was a full member of ESN and we had a National Representative. At this time Poland was not a member of the Erasmus programme. It was a member of the Tempus programme (its goal is to promote cooperation between higher education institutions in the EU and partner countries). Two new local sections were created in 1995 (ESN Łódź and ESN Kraków). However, according to documents of ESN International, it seems ESN in Poland faced some problems in 1996-1997.

A new local section was created at the Medical University of Warsaw in 1998. Three new ones were created in 2001 (ESN SGH at the Warsaw School of Economics, ESN Gdańsk at the Gdańsk University of Technology and ESN UJ at Jagiellonian University in Kraków). Also, Artur Orłowski (the President of ESN SGH) and Michał Zasada (the President of ESN Gdańsk) came up with an idea of nation-wide cooperation between ESN local sections in Poland. The 1st nation-wide meeting of ESN local sections – National Platform took place in Gdańsk in 2003 (from the 9th of May to the 11th of May). Since then it is organized twice a year

The very 1st Section Presidents’ Meeting (PM) took place in December, 2005. Patryk Rzymyszkiewiecz, the President of ESN Poland, announced that the Association was officially approved on the 13th of December, 2005.

Main goals of national ESN sections

  • Co-operation in nationwide projects and events including Discover Europe photo competition, National Erasmus Games sports tournament;
  • Cooperation with the National Agency responsible for the Erasmus Program

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