To go or not to go on Erasmus? And which country to choose? What does the backstage of such an exchange look like?

If you're asking yourself these questions, ERASMUScocktail is made just for you. It's a project made for WUT students which goal is to give them a little bit of a knowledge about countries avaiable in Erasmus+ program.
It's a series of meetings chaired by exchange students and WUT students during which they're talking about the ins and outs of such an exchange. We're resolving doubts, answering your questions and in the same time we're bringing you closer to the culture of a choosen country.

Together we'll have a chance to learn how to dance flamenco, try moussaka and discover the difference between Warsaw and Paris subway. Beside that we will teach you how, when and where you need to prepare all of the documents needed for the exchange.

Check our Facebook fanpage to find out when the next meeting is and see that the whole world is at your fingertips!