Sustainable development of the Earth is a development that satisfies the basic needs of all people and preserves, protects and restores the health and integrity of the Earth's ecosystem, without threatening to meet the needs of future generations and without exceeding the long-term limits of Earth's ecosystem capacity.

ESN has been dealing with the subject of the environment for more than 10 years, because after all, one of the issues it deals with the SocialErasmus project is the environment. Events such as the Erasmus Forest directly contribute to the improvement of air quality and the increase of green spaces in Poland.

During conventions, you may have noticed some solutions that reduce the amount of waste produced. Sections decide to buy segregation bins for their offices, and trainers re-use their materials.

Digitization of our projects and activities also has an impact on the reduction of the number of printed documents.

Projects and programs implemented under Environmental Sustainability: