In our activity, it is primarily the use of non-formal education, which supports non-school education to combat stereotypes and prepares us socially for active life as part of society. It is also professionalization of activities and conducting trainings, as a result of which we increase the skills of our members.

ESN is an organization that deals with education at every level of activity. The local level is primarily the education of volunteers in the subject of organization, development of soft skills, but also the development of international students, for example through the implementation of the Erasmus In Schools project, in this case, we also educate local communities together with exchange students. The national level offers endless development opportunities, starting with ESN UPGRADE, ending with the appointment of specific functions - coordinators, members of the Board or the Audit Commission. Education Officer deals with everything related to exchanges, cooperating with several local Education Officers who have direct contact with their universities. Through the organization of National Erasmus Games, we not only promote a healthy lifestyle, our activities directly indicate how we should eat well or how to play sports. The international level organizes countless conferences, conventions, but also applies for grants or prepares materials that we later use in the education of our members at other levels.

Through cooperation with institutional partners, units such as the European Commission, universities, kindergartens and schools, we not only "teach" education. ESN is a key representative of the youth, we participate in processes that set the direction of activities of many projects and initiatives, including the most important in our activity - the Erasmus + Program. We create guidelines, provide feedback and set a strategy. We deal with everything - starting from preparation, through actions and collecting applications, in order to create further foundations for development.

Projects and programs implemented under Education & Youth: