Creative is one of the youngest projects of ESN PW.

It focuses on the cultural side of Warsaw's life. We organize events such as: visiting museums, jam sessions, jazz musical evenings as well as movie nights. What's more we take our international students to laser- and water shows. When it comes to the sightseeing, we want to present the most architecturally interesting spots of our Capital, such as the Old Town or Praga district.
Last but not least - we organize different kinds of city games to make the exchange students discover Warsaw in an active way.

We believe that nowadays Poland offers diversity of cultural experiences and Warsaw museums are full of interesting exhibits of both - ancient & modern art.
This project has been created in order to promote our culture and local events, happenings & paerformances. We hope that thanks to participation in Creative events the international students will be able to get to know the history of Poland, our traditions and that they will discover the most breathtaking pieces of art.