ESN PW is a highly successful and constantly developing section with over 10 years of history and experience behind. Due to our engagement, passionate team and lots of hard work, we were rewarded many times on both - the national and international level of Erasmus Student Network.

Our achievements:

  • ESN Poland - national level:
    • The Best Polish Section 2014/2015
    • The Best Section Cooperation 2014/2015 with ESN UJ for PWxUJ
    • The Best Mascot 2014/2015 for Mr. Sprocket
    • The Best Polish Section 2015/2016
    • The Best Section Cooperation 2015/2016 with ESN UJ for PWxUJ
    • 2nd place for The Best ESN Event 2016/2017 for ESN Poland's NP "Merry Platform"
    • Award for Exemplary Fulfillment of Duties 2016/2017
  • ESN AIBSL - international level:
    • 2nd place for The Best Gadgets 2014/2015
    • gadgetSTAR - The Best Gadgets 2015/2016